Recipe: Cole Slaw

Posted by Simon

I like to make slaws, they’re easy, tasty, and a good way to use a variety of salad veggies. They’re also invariably much better for you than the shop-bought ones, and tastier.

Wikipedia says: Coleslaw (or cole slaw) is a salad consisting primarily, and minimally, of shredded, raw cabbage, although it often also includes shredded carrots.”

Yes, good, I agree. I use the word ‘slaw’ to mean a similar shredded mix of stuff, but not necessarily of the traditional cabbage / carrot type makeup.

So here’s the cole slaw I made today.

150g Cabbage (35cals)
100g Carrots (30 cals)
60g Fennel (30 cals)
3x Radishes (5? cals)
1inch Ginger Root (5? cals)

The cabbage, fennel and radishes were thinly sliced (I highly recommend Global Knives, my GS-5 14cm Vegetable Chopper is *the* best kitchen item I’ve ever invested in), the carrots and ginger were grated.

To that I added:

30ml-ish mayo (90 cals)
10ml-ish garlic olive oil (home infused) (80 cals)
pinch dried thyme
pinch white pepper
pinch celery salt

Total cals for the bowl full, 275! About half of that being the chosen dressing, I wanted old school.

Alternative dressings would be a vinegar, or a yogurt dressing.

The great thing about slaws is you can put anything in them, just make them up, they rarely taste bad. I tend to not put onion or shallots in them, too raw tasting, hence the garlic oil and ginger for flavour instead. Spring or salad onions may be okay.

They’re good immediately, but even better if you leave them for a few hours, or over night.


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