Recipe: Pork and Black Beans

Posted by Sylvia

This started off as something completely different which I’d planned last week before I’d thought about counting calories in any serious way – I tried to shift it into a chile and get the calories under control but it is still a bit heavy. I should have gone for a much smaller servings in retrospect – both of us were totally stuffed (but of course cleared our plates – argh!). I definitely should have worked out the calories before eating – we had double portions whereas single with rice would have been just fine. I’ve put it as six servings for next time (it’s 7 big ladle-fulls, where one ladle per person would have been sufficient).

Instructions: Mix a teaspoon each of cumin, chile powder and paprika with half a teaspoon of garlic salt and coat the pork. Fry up the onion, pork and chiles. Once browned, add in the black beans (with all their liquid) and tinned tomatoes. Allow to simmer for 2 hours or until pork is tender. Add corn and simmer an additional 20 minutes.

Servings: 6

Pork and Black Beans
onion 1 large 60
pork 636 grams 1813
black beans 150g ish 198
tinned tomatos 820g 131
chile paste 0
corn 180g 657
Total 2859
Per Serving 476

One thought on “Recipe: Pork and Black Beans

  1. That looks lovely. I may try it with turkey mince and see if that helps the calorie count. I’ve pretty much decided to always use turkey mince instead of beef, lamb, etc. My mum made me a turkey meatloaf and I felt so much better than I do normally after a heavy beef meatloaf.

    Thanks for the recipe

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