Habit Formation

Posted by Simon

I seem to have stopped posting daily. When I first started foodly confessing, I became very aware of the need to ‘watch what I eat’, and using the calorie counting method was a good way of doing that.

What I’ve noticed since then is I now automatically do it, I automatically know the sorts of things I should and shouldn’t be eating. So in the supermarket I pick up peanut butter and promptly put it down again. Repeat for all manner of other calorific food items. I also now think how many calories are in stuff, and wonder if it’s appropriate for a snack or full meal. If it’s coming in at a 2-400 calories it seems suitable for a snack or small meal, if it’s 6-700 it’s probably fine for the main meal of the day. Before I started this, it was all too easy for me to consume 1000+ in a main meal, and, get this, all too easy to consume 500-1000 as a snack (think chocolate, desserts, peanut butter from the jar with a spoon, etc).

So what I seem to have done is formed a habit, and now the calculations just take place inside my head, and each day I’m between 2000 and 2500, roughly. I’m even now allowing snacks here and there, chocolate at the weekend etc, as I know it’ll ‘fit in’.

If I continue like this I’m happy, as I know I’ll not gain any weight, I should lose some very slowly through eating alone, and any exercise I do will add to that progress. As long as I don’t slip back into 500 calories a day, every day from chocolate, and carb (hence calorie) heavy main meals I’m on the ‘right road’.

I’m enjoying creativity of food lately too, such as yesterday’s Wild Nettle Soup I rustled up.

Wild Nettle Soup

(Can you get nettle’s that are not wild? I wonder where they farm them, you know, for tea etc.)

About a ‘pan full’ of nettles are required, preferably just the top few inches of each shoot, where the sweet young leaves are. Don’t use any nettles that have gone to flower. This is hence a seasonal march/april recipe, unless you can get some nettles that have regrown after being cut back later in the year. Excess leaves picked should freeze fine.

Roughly chop an onion, some cloves of garlic, a stick of celery and sweat in a little oil or butter.

Add the nettles, and about a pint of stock, chicken for preference.

Simmer for about 5-10 minutes.

Whizz, include a thickening agent if you wish, such as potato, rice, or even a couple of rice cakes!

Stir in a dollop of double cream (only joking, use yogurt), a grating of nutmeg, season and serve.

Chill leftovers to eat cold the next day.

No photo: it comes out green, and delicious. Indeed, the tastiest thing I’ve made all year I reckon.


2 thoughts on “Habit Formation

  1. Haha! I was all “see, you do use it!” for about half a second. :)

    I love the idea of working on a nettle farm! I might go walking in the hills today and see if I can get some but I if they are just right for you then I suspect I’m a month too late!

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