Big Pot of Soup

Posted by Sylvia

Last week, one frustration was that I didn’t have any food made up in advance – I really just wanted to be able to heat something up and eat it, whilst feeling secure that I wasn’t taking in pointless calories.

Today I realised that the fridge desperately needed a clean-out, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I took all the wilting veg and made vegetable stock out of it. Then I looked up versions of this this triple-carb soup that I’ve been thinking about. I took a leaf out of Paola’s book and looked up the calories per item first so I could judge it:

potato, raw, +skin 69/100g
white beans 139/100g
pasta 210/100g

That was easy to rank! The soup recipe ended up as follows:

434g raw potato (2 medium) 300
110g onion (2 small) 44
5 cloves garlic 22
20g chicken stock cube 40
100g chard 19
tinned tomato in juice 136
*10g oregano 5
50g pasta 110
200g white beans 278
*1 litre vegetable stock 40
Total Calories 994

Total weight: 2696

That means 540 grams soup per 200 calories – that sounds like a lot!

The downside of cooking is that I ate 20g of beans just in testing to see if they were cooked through yet! I’ve added them to my daily total. I tried a bite of the soup and it’s really nice! I can’t wait for dinner time now.


6 thoughts on “Big Pot of Soup

  1. 200 calories isn’t a lot but 540g of soup is LOADS. I’d be surprised if you can eat that much.

    My REALLY BIG bowls of soup are 480g max and I feel really really full afterwards.

    Is 2,696g the cooked weight?

  2. I meant, the amount per 200 calorie portion seems a lot! I’d decided 200 cal was good as it allowed for adding things and something on the side. I was surprised to see how much soup per portion.

    Yes, 2696g is the cooked weight – there’s actually more water in there than I said (I added water with the chicken stock cube which I forgot to note). I weighed the pot, then made the meal then weighed the pot again.

    I didn’t veg in because I wanted to be able to add them in per portion, so that the soup- is different each time. So that will need to go on top each time I eat it – but recooking it shouldn’t matter once I’ve separated it into “calorie” portions instead of weight portions (i.e. the calories will stay the same regardless), right?

    It seems VERY low in calories – possibly because it’s got a lot of liquid so the weight isn’t that much and it won’t be that filling?

  3. I just checked your table with my info and from and come to 915 calories (assuming uncooked weights).

    In either case, your soup base does seem low in calories, especially seeing as you’ve added potatoes, beans and pasta. That’s amazing.

    Without thosee three carbs, however, it’d be under 100 calories a portion. But your version is a meal in itself and I suspect will be more filling than my veg-only soups. I usually get hungry after a couple of hours.

    I’ll be adding potatoes to my future veg soups as I have four weeks of Abel & Cole potatoes to use up (not counting the Jersey Royals which arrived today which I will have with parsley and olive oil – yum).

  4. The beans are cooked weight, everything else was uncooked weights. I have to admit I was surprised at how low the potato calories were when I looked it up, which is what made me decide to try.

    I had one portion for dinner tonight and feel sated although not really full. I thought the pasta would get lost in the shuffle but actually the combination of the three makes it quite interesting – I really enjoyed the flavour of the soup.

    But it’s a LOT of liquid – In it’s current form, it really does need the carbs or something else put in as otherwise there’s nothing to chew on. If I hadn’t had a mid-afternoon salad I think I’d want more … I’m not sure I won’t feel hungry before bed anyway.

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