Pork Soup

Posted by Sylvia

I made a big batch of this and split it into portions. The plan is to add it to other stuff (noodles, egg) to give it more bulk and a bit of variety. This way it can work as a starter or a main course.

I fried up the onion, garlic and meat, then added all the veg and boiling water. It wasn’t very spicy so I put in a teaspoon of chile flakes. In the bowl I had tonight I added Udon noodles and a squirt of lime.

150g chopped onion 50
4 cloves fresh garlic 18
porkloin, minced 200
4 small mushrooms 10
50g chard 10
120g red cabbage 37
70g green pepper (bell) 14
Pickled Jalapeno 6
45g asparagus 11
25g carrot 10
Chicken stock cube 40
1 tablespoon oil 119
5g shiitake 15
Total Calories 540

total portions: 5
total per portion: 108


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