Day 182: weigh-in

Posted by Paola

Weekly weigh-in: 3 lbs lost (total: 45 lbs in 26 weeks)

I was suspicious of the 3 lbs but then, on copying last week’s entry to make this one, I was reminded that I didn’t lose any weight the week before, which makes this 3 lbs plausible.

And I’m now over half way! I just have to do it all again. I’m glad I have you guys for company. Mwuah!


7 thoughts on “Day 182: weigh-in

  1. Well done!

    45lbs is an amazing amount of weight to lose. You are an inspiration to those of us who are also trying to lose weight.

  2. Paola, congratulations on getting to the half-way mark! It’s a remarkable achievement and I hope you find a nice way to celebrate it. :-)

    With regards your regular no-loss week — could it coincide with your menstural cycle, do you think? I definitely have that going on with me.

  3. I will celebrate by making tomorrow – main move-in day – my eat anything, no photograph, no calorie-count day.

    We bought the food for tomorrow this afternoon. I’ll have a choice of baguettes, fake chicken slices, Quorn picnic eggs, sliced Swiss cheese (the lower-fat version), hummus (ditto), coleslaw (ditto), hazelnut yoghurt (ditto), cherry tomatoes, strawberries and bananas.

    The goodies are proper Coke, biscuits and chocolate. I resisted buying a variety bag of crisps because they’re all yum and no nutrition.

    Adios for now.

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