Week 16: weigh-in

Posted by Anna

1 lb lost, 19 lbs (8.64 kg) in total.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

It’s been a frantic couple of weeks, so I set aside today to be a ‘slob day’ and I largely managed it (other than a mad dash down to the shops 45 mins before they shut when I remembered it’s a friend’s birthday next week and I didn’t have a pressie for her!).

I’m seeing a foot specialist this week and hope to find out why my right foot remains swollen and painful (although it’s no longer acute to the point I’m limping). I’m keen to get back to some kind of exercise regime that will help me with my weight loss.

Breakfast Yoghurt 70
Sub-total 70
Lunch Cottage cheese 208
Small bread roll 150
Sub-total 358
Dinner 150g skinless chicken breast 190
Stir fry veg 80
Stir fry sauce 80
1 tsp olive oil 40
Sub-total 390
Snacks Fresh fruit 106
Innocent smoothie 138
100g cherries 51
20g cashew nuts 126
Sub-total 421
Drinks 2 cups of tea + various 0 cal bevs 20
Sub-total 20
Total Calories 1,259

4 thoughts on “Week 16: weigh-in

  1. I have been wondering about this the past few weeks – I get very little exercise whilst you were walking a lot. You also now often come in under 1,200 calories and yet seem to be losing weight at a slower rate than me. I naively thought that limiting calories would be enough but perhaps our different diets do make a difference.

  2. It was the walking at the start of the diet that set off the problems with my feet. Since then I’ve done a lot less walking and what I have done has been at a steady pace, not really causing much in the way of cardio-vascular activity.

    I don’t know all the aspects to consider when dieting but I imagine some factors which will vary from person to person is, how old they are, how much weight they have to carry (the more weight, the more calories it takes), what condition their thyroid is in, whether they smoke, what kind of diet they have, etc. etc.

    I’ve wondered if my thyroid is slightly underactive because I don’t seem to need to eat much to gain weight and shifting it isn’t easy. I also feel tired a lot of the time — kind of listless. I know I gain weight much more easily now in my late 40s than in my late 30s.

    I also look at what you eat and you’re pretty good about keeping the fat levels down, where I don’t think I’m so conscientious. Starchy carbs seem to cause me to hold weight too, as the week I had no bread/pasta/potatoes/rice and everything I ate was lean meat and little oil, I lost 3 lbs in one go.

  3. I am tired a lot too and it’s been mentioned on some of the other dieters’ blogs I read.

    I’m seeing my doctor on Wednesday to renew a prescription and will ask her about my increased tiredness and bouts of depression since I started my diet.

  4. I was definitely noticing how tired I was keeping at 1,200 a day. I was going to bed early and getting up late – and if I dropped under 1,000 then I was dragging myself through the next day.

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