I Only Perspire

Posted by Sylvia

I’ve continued my trend of moderating food and drink without tracking and without driving myself crazy. I didn’t walk yesterday but I have walked every other day, making a point of walking up the hill (steep, hot, definitely a cardio work-out) to try to mitigate the damage. We went to the village festival and although I had sausages and beer, I drank one diet coke for every beer I consumed. This had the unfortunate side-effect of keeping me happily awake until 4am but I still think the calories end up much less by this kind of balancing.

That said, I don’t really trust my weigh-in results. In fact, I waited a couple of days before updating to make sure it wasn’t just a blip or the scale being funky.

Last two weigh-ins were 75.8 and 76.1 so this would imply, even if the 76.1 was water retention, that I’m now actively losing weight at a very slow rate. However, based on my actual food intake (and I’m not taking the pills, no point if I’m not doing portion control), I don’t think that is right.

I’m not drinking anywhere near as much water and it’s VERY hot, so I think part of that may be dehydration. Only I could end up losing water weight by stopping a diet. *grumble*

However, it seems clear that I am definitely not GAINING weight so even if next week it shows 75.8 again, I’ll be happy. And if it shows 74.9, I’ll be ecstatic.

As long as it is hot, salads seem most appropriate anyway, so it’s not really that much of a hardship. :)

Edit: Cliff says it’s very noticeable that I’m eating much less than I was previous to the diet and that he’s not surprised that I’m still losing weight. Maybe I’m making better choices than I think I am. Things are calming down now so I might look at tracking next week, although just the fact that it’s not so busy means things will change.

Maybe I do more boredom eating than I realise.


3 thoughts on “I Only Perspire

  1. Well done to you for your tenacity and for losing again this week. It’s interesting that Cliff has noticed a change in how much you’re eating. I think everything you’re doing is paying off.

  2. I’m not sure what the water retention is of which you (and Anna) speak. I know one loses water at the start of a diet. Here’s the thing: I think you’re losing proper weight, not water, and I think Cliff must be right.

  3. Directly before my period, I swell up. My clothes are tighter and the scale shows weight gain. It lasts 1-2 days and then goes again – I presume it’s some sort of cyclical water retention.

    I have never given it much thought other than to run to the scale to re-weigh myself when my period starts, with the heady realisation that the unexpected weight gain might have just disappeared.

    However – in this particular case I was referring to the fact that while I was dieting, I was drinking 1.5 liters of water a day. Now I’m still drinking water and diet coke but no where near as much. So I was thinking that the dip in weight could be dehydration/water loss, as I was drinking less.

    On the other hand, it’s lasted over the weekend so that isn’t looking likely.

    I’m back to tracking next week.

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