Week 17 weigh in

Posted by Anna

Up 2lbs (1 kg) on last week and back to the weight I was 3 weeks ago.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart


5 thoughts on “Week 17 weigh in

  1. Suzanne, you made me feel so much better with your comment. I needed that reminder — I’ve been on enough diets to know that sometimes it happens!

    Sylvia, yes I’m ok. I just needed to break from dieting and have had a week of doing what I feel like. I’ve gone up a pound but that’s ok. Actually I’ve not gone crazy — I’m still in ‘diet’ mode and for the most part have been eating healthily, just allowing myself some treats on the way. I’m getting back on the diet this weekend for the next blast!

    I’m generally feeling *much* better for the break and my head is back to a better place too, feeling happier and more confident that I had been.

    I enjoy living on my own but sometimes it’s tough when there’s no one here to talk to when I’m feeling a bit down or want to have a moan and get something off my chest. Instead, it just goes round and round in my head and gets blown up out of proportion. It’s not healthy and I need to find ways to remedy that.

    I’ve started creating spiritual videos to put on YouTube and although I’ve never considered myself creative, I’ve found the creative process of putting them together very therapeutic. I think part of it is that it absorbs my me so I’m not thinking about other stuff.

    The one thing that hasn’t changed this week is me feeling utterly exhausted by 10pm every evening — I normally go to bed at midnight and am comfortable with 6 hours sleep. I’ve also been dreaming more and quite vividly (or rather I don’t normally remember that I’ve dreamt). Not sure what’s going on there!

    Thank you for your wonderful support — I really appreciate it. :-)

  2. You’re having vivid dreams as a result of your increased serotonin levels by reintroducing carbs. I know that higher levels of serotonin create vivid dreams.

    Here’s a comment I found on a blog: if I have a sugar binge after a long period of low-carbing, I find that I dream very vividly, where I wake up and distinctly remember the dream, and it’s often much more “out there” than I otherwise have.

    I think the moral of the story is to avoid a low-carb diet. Your experience has been an eye-opener and I hope that, painful as it was, it’ll help someone else.

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