Day 202: Birthday net meet

Posted by Paola

I hosted this month’s net meet. It coincided with my birthday which I didn’t announce beforehand (but my observant Facebook contacts read about).

10:15am  Cottage cheese with rye bread + strawberries + pint of fizzy squash

1 serving calories protein carbs
strawberries 29 0.6 7.0
wholegrain rye bread 95 3.0 19.2
cottage cheese 150 23.2 9.0
Total 274 27 35

3:30-6pm  BBQ

We got a BBQ going. I provided all but the meat and fish, and had asked people to bring some drinks.

For myself, I bought fruit, veg and halloumi cheese to make kebabs. I made my beetroot and mozzarella salad plus a to-dress salad of lettuce, spinach, rocket, slivers of soft prunes, halved green grapes and small chunks of pear.

When chopping pineapple for kebabs, I realised I also had cheddar and could make one of my favourite snacks: pineapple and cheese on sticks. I photographed the plate to blog to let you know that I could have happily eaten the whole dish.

I didn’t bother documenting or counting calories. I’ll estimate 1,000 calories for lunch. (The skinny milk lolly was 94 calories.)

9pm  Gin & tonic + crisps + dip + fruit

At the end of the meet, we were left with crisps, an unopened tomato dip and chocolates. I said I’d throw away the crisps and Anna asked, “what about the chocolate?” I said that Frank would eat them. Instead, having also found a bottle of Indian Tonic Water when we were clearing up later, Frank made us big gin & tonics which we sipped while watching the Daily Show and munching on the crisps and the dip. I then had the rest of the grapes and pear.

11pm  Beetroot and mozzarella salad + baguette

Day 202 calories protein carbs fat fibre
Breakfast 274 27 35 2 6
Lunch* 1,000
Snack* 500
Dinner* 250
Other drinks 100
Total estimated 2,124 27 35 2 6
40% 53% 7%
Allowance 1,200 75 – 105g
25 – 35%
120 – 165g
40 – 55%
33 – 40g
25 – 30%

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