Quiet Saturday

Posted by Anna

I had one of the sloppiest Saturdays I’ve had in a long time. I wandered around the flat in my underwear and didn’t actually get dressed until nearly 9pm when a lack of food in the fridge drove me out to get something. I’ve enjoyed being ‘off’ the diet for a while and just eating what I feel like. It’s been interesting, though, that old habits seem to die hard and although I’ve had one or two ‘naughty’ things, I’ve still been eating cottage cheese, lean chicken, veggies and fruit too — in other words, not going completely mad! This is born out by the scales this morning when I weighed in and got a nice surprise…! :-)

Breakfast Yoghurt 130
Sub-total 130
Snack Cottage cheese with onion & chives 208
Sub-total 208
Lunch Pasta + tomato & basil sauce 373
Small cheese stick (grated) 70
Sub-total 443
Dinner Lemon chicken 350
Sml portion boiled rice 111
Sub-total 461
Snack 30g nuts 188
Sub-total 188
Drinks 2 cups of tea + various 0 cal bevs 20
Sub-total 20
Total Calories 1,450

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