Posted by Anna

I ate more in calories than I expected today. I’ve had a real sweet craving today which is linked to ‘that cycle’ and will have worn off tomorrow. I call it PMM — pre-mentrual munchies! And instead of denying myself, I’m giving in to it, as I know I’m still in a delicate state and I don’t want to go back to how I was feeling last week/end. So I’m going easy on myself even if it means maintaining for a while. I went out for a drink with a friend this evening and she could see I’m not in a great place. When we looked at my life, I realised I currently have *nothing* to look forward to. I hate my job (she got me to re-write my CV yesterday and gave me some good tips when she looked at it this evening). I’ve got a few very stressful weeks coming up with some major and very tight deadlines. One of the team has left so it’s just me and a part-timer keeping everything going and she’s on holiday all next week… Also, I have no-one to go on holiday with so I’m not going to get a holiday and I *desperately* need one (taking a week off and moping around my flat will not make me feel better — I need to get away but I hate going somewhere on my own — I did that in March and didn’t enjoy it). I’m in constant pain with my feet and the thought of an op and a lot more pain and a long convalescence is looming… And I don’t really have anyone I can ‘offload’ to. So, I’m being gentle with myself and I make no excuses. I’ll continue to blog here daily and my goal is to continue dieting, as long as it doesn’t add to my woes.

Breakfast Yoghurt 130
Sub-total 130
Brunch 1 slice foccacia bread 150
Scrambled eggs 210
Sub-total 360
Snack 1 ciabatta roll 200
Sub-total 200
Dinner Roast chicken 150
Carrots and potatoes 150
Flake dessert 265
Sub-total 565
Snack 2 digestive biscuits 140
1 bar of chocolate 255
30g nuts 170
Sub-total 565
Drinks 1 glass wine 78
2 cups of tea + various 0 cal bevs 20
Sub-total 98
Total Calories 1,918

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