Posted by Anna

Monday I went off to work and from there straight up to Liverpool. I worked until late on a project that has its deadline today. I got home yesterday evening and worked until midnight last night. Today I hope won’t be so late. Tomorrow and Friday and I’m running a 2 day leadership course with my boss and we’ve completely re-written it. I’ll be in another hotel…


Breakfast Yoghurt 70
Spagetti + meatballs + tomato & basil sauce 450
Sprinkling of cheese 100
Dinner Small fillet steak 200
Mixed veg 150
Small ice cream 200
Snack Danish pastry 400
Drinks Glass of wine 75
1 cup of tea + various 0 cal bevs 10
Total Calories 1,655


Breakfast Yoghurt 125
Bowl of cereal 170
Toast + marmalade 260
Sub-total 555
Lunch Small portion of lasagne 300
1/2 baked potato (no skin) 40
Side salad 60
Sub-total 400
Dinner 1/2 ploughman’s sandwich 250
Sub-total 250
Snacks Pretzels 200
Sub-total 200
Drinks 2 cups of tea + various 0 cal bevs 20
Sub-total 20
Total Calories 1,425

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