Week 19 weigh-in

Posted by Anna

I went into total self-destruct this week, as far as the diet’s concerned. I’m amazed I only gained 1 lb given that I’ve not held back from eating what I felt like. Maybe it’ll hit me at my next weigh-in. I spent 3 out of 5 working days this week in hotels which probably hasn’t helped as I’ve had access to vast amounts of free food. Today I called a halt and have been back ‘on plan’. I’ve been out and bought stuff for the first part of the week which will also keep me on track. Work has been tough with very long days and very tight deadlines. That continues into next week but ends at close of play on Thursday. I’ll look to take Friday off work for a much-needed rest.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart


One thought on “Week 19 weigh-in

  1. I’m glad you’re back.

    When you say “self-destruct” do you mean you were deliberately trying to sabotage your diet or that you just didn’t care. Perhaps the low weight gain is the same as Sylvia’s that you’re still eating less than you used to.

    What was it like to go a week eating what you liked? Did it feel like it felt pre-diet or is it accompanied with new thoughts?

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