Left-Overs to Eat Up

Posted by Becky

Ever have this problem – people come over for a lovely night in. We buy a few little things that are naughty but because they are small in number and slight in quantity we feel we can get away with a slight indulgence. (such as a Vienetta or small bag of quavers or packet of rice crackers- that kind of thing.) However, at the end of the night when these little wee things have not all been eaten we feel we should put them back in the fridge or pantry. No, it would be a waste to throw them away. Someone will likely have them over the weekend, surely. (Also, like the idea of being that sort of person who has a pantry or fridge stocked with little indulgences from some posh deli or farmer’s market) Anyway, the sorry truth is the “someone who will eat the rest of the ice cream/cheesecake/crisps/naan bread or whatever is lurking in the pantry is sadly, well, me)

Breakfast 20g Cheerios 110
Lunch Grilled cheese sandwich with Weight Watchers bread and diet cheese 165
Dinner crisps 56
Curry Bag from Asda 800?
3 glasses white wine 234
Total Calories 1,365

6 thoughts on “Left-Overs to Eat Up

  1. Very good total for your first day back!

    Don’t buy those snack/pudding things, especially if you BOTH want to lose weight. That said, after seven months dieting, I still do for entertaining and then finish off the leftovers. I should follow my own advice and not buy them in the first place.

  2. Welcome back!

    I agree, I’m trying to be very strict about throwing away those extra bits from a party. I also look at getting popular items that I’m not very fond of, especially to serve as sweets.

  3. Good idea – not keeping the left-overs. I find I am really bad especially if there is a bit of yummy meat in the fridge. If we have steak or ribs or a bit of burger and there is half a piece left over I’ll be down there at midnight finishing it off (even if I’m still full!). Sometimes when I’m cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes the next morning I’ll finish off the stale crisps that have been left. They aren’t nice and I’m not hungry. I just can’t help myself.

  4. The problem is, there’s a fine line between between being supportive and sounding patronising. I know that isn’t what Paola meant, because I know her. But I could also understand a very defensive response to this thread.

    I have foods where I feel I just can’t help myself and my response is not to allow them in the house. Perhaps I should be strong enough to stop myself – but as I find it difficult, avoidance is the better option. Funnily enough, I just had a similar conversation with a friend of mind who is struggling with alcohol.

    We accept that tempting foods will be in our kitchen. But the concept that she should just deal with alcohol in her house struck me as freaky.

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