An Ominous Return

Posted by Jennifer

Well after a brief (who am I kidding?) hiatus, I’ve decided that it’s time to start tracking, recording and posting my calories again. I have to admit that after today’s high calorie debacle, I *nearly* chickened and out and pulled an “oh, I’ll wait until tomorrow to start back.” But instead I decided to suck it up, and face the music. I may write more about this on my own blog, but for now, it’s good to be back… even if I did eat poorly today.

A couple of things to note:

  1. I recorded things like carbs, fat, protein, etc, in grams, rather than the daily percentage beacuse, well… frankly, I don’t really know what my daily percentage should be. I guess that’s something I need to figure out.
  2. And, man… it takes a *long* time to record all that stuff. So long that I’m pretty sure I’ll think twice before putting a variety of foods into my mouth. I knew Paola’s html food diary would be a tool to help me lose weight, but I didn’t realize it would work quite like this. :)

Anyway, tomorrow is my first official day back to school and *hopefully* that will also mean a return back to the beloved routines that helped me lose the amount of weight that I already have.

*fingers crossed*

Meal Food | Drink Calories Carbs Protein Fat Fibre Sodium
breakfast banana 90 23.1 1.1 1 6 1
Sub-totals 90 23.1 1.1 1.0 6.0 1.0
lunch my husband and I split an order of nachos while out to lunch with friends. these (over) estimates were the very best that i could do.
tortilla chips 350 54 6 21 1 354
queso cheese 200 3 13 16 0 370
ground beef (I only had 2 bites with meat) 100 0 11 15 0 41
lettuce (iceberg raw) 4 1 0 0 0 3
tomatoes (diced raw) 15 7 2 0 2 9
Sub-totals 669 65.0 32.0 52.0 3.0 777.0
dinner raw spinach (about 2 cups raw) 14 2 2 0 2 48
mushrooms (4 raw baby bella sliced) 22 4 2 0 1 5
tomatoes (diced raw) 15 7 2 0 2 9
chicken grilled (about 5 oz) (no fat used in cooking) 200 0 43.1 5 0 550
salad dressing (thousand island — about 3 tbls) 210 6 0 21 0 400
Sub-totals 461 19.0 49.1 26.0 5.0 1012.0
snack brownie 170 25 2 7 1 149
Sub-total 170 25.0 2.0 7.0 1.0 149.0
Water about 2 liters
Total 1,390 132.1 84.2 86.0 15.0 1939.0

3 thoughts on “An Ominous Return

  1. I think you did really well, considering you had nachos for lunch. (you possibly over-estimated your calories for the ground beef anyway) Your breakfast and dinner were really healthy.

    Good luck on your return to calorie counting!

  2. This is awesome, thanks for sharing! I had to do a hard reality check concerning my calories today when one weeks worth of laziness resulted in zero pounds shed. Kind of a bitter pill after losing 21 pounds in the four weeks previous to my last weigh in. I’m going to spend some time on your blog here… very cool! I’ll add a link from my blog to yours as well so others can see this. It’s well worth sharing!



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