Lovely lamb

Posted by Becky

I’ve had to guess the calories for the lamb noisettes because when I googled “lamb noisettes” I got a bunch of recipes which mostly involved cooking lamb in butter or deep frying it. I just baked it without any oil and put a teaspoon of blackcurrant jelly on it. Yum.

I got caught out with the chicken mcnuggets. I was just really hungry and out and about. Lucy had a happy meal and didn’t finish it and it was just on the seat next to me whilst I was driving. Hard to resist. In future I should pull over and throw it away immediately.

Breakfast banana bread (1/2 piece) 110
2 cups black filter coffee 5
Lunch Cinamon raisen bagel 215
Snack Lucy’s chicken mcnuggets 175
Dinner Lamb Noisettes (175 g) 300
green beans (100g) 44
Sweetcorn 130
mashed potato 100
1 glass wine 78
Total Calories 1,157

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