Have What You Want but in Small Amounts

Posted by Becky

I’m quite pleased with this because I was able to make cookies with Lucy and her friend (and not blow the calories) and also because, although the duck was lovely, I suspected it would be terribly highly calorific.

Breakfast Toast with egg white omelet and ham 120
Lunch Cheese and biscuits 150
Snack 2 Snickerdoodles 150
licking the bowl 30
Dinner duck stir-fry with onion, cougettes and red pepper 533
1 glass of wine 78
Dessert 2 weight watchers ice cream tubs 182
Total Calories 1,243

5 thoughts on “Have What You Want but in Small Amounts

  1. Good total. However, I can’t help notice that 35% of the total came from ’empy calories’.

    Have you considered tracking carbs, protein and fat so you can see where your calories come from? I suspect that, even though we’re all aiming for 1,200 a day, I’m making good progress because my diet is low fat.

    Someone just posted a comment mentioning MyFoodDiary.com on Jennifer’s blog. It has a large food database but you can add to it. You then just enter the quantities consumed and it’ll work out everything for you (and you can then paste the food summary table here).

    See the intro and tour.

  2. Paola,

    While I agree with you that most of what we eat shouldn’t be empty calories, I also know that if I’m dieting and I don’t allow myself treats, I’ll fall off the wagon and give up the diet entirely. I’m not eating as healthily as I would like but I’m willing to forget those concerns for awhile while I lose a few pounds. I think I would feel differently if my goal was to lose more than just 10 pounds or so. When I’m back to 2000 calories a day I’ll have a healthier balance and better nutrition.

    Sylvia, Very hard to know how many calories is in “licking the bowl”.

  3. Hehe, sorry to be pedantic but when you say “when I’m back to 2000 calories a day I’ll have a healthier balance and better nutrition.“, does that mean you’re not doing that now?

    I certainly don’t advocate cutting out treats – I had a banana and toffee muffin today – but I am wondering whether, after losing your 10 lbs, you’ll be back here a month later.

    I see this as an opportunity to recategorise certain things in our mind, from regular fare to rare treat so that, post weight-loss diet, we benefit from the new perspective and can keep the weight off.

    Does that make any sense?

  4. Absolutely it makes sense. I think, in answer to your first question (about having a balance and better nutrition) what I meant was that whilst I mostly have a good diet in terms of sugar, fats, salt, etc, some days I just need to have rubbish food. Sometimes I just feel like I want an ice cream or whatever. I don’t want it to ruin my good progress diet-wise so I cut out other food which is good. I’m not saying it’s a recipe for a healthy diet but I’m also not doing it all the time.

    I’m struggling to explain this. I feel like if I don’t allow myself the odd guilty pleasure then I’ll just give up the diet completely.

    I think also that it depends on what else is going on in my life. For example, we are on a real economy drive with saving money at the moment. Doing that and the diet at the same time makes me have rebellious moments where I think, “Blow this. I”m tired of saying “no” to myself!”

    At other times, I feel virtuous in dieting and saving money…

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