Lovely Seafood Curry

Posted by Becky

Breakfast Ham and egg on weight watchers toast 160
Lunch Tortilla with 15g cheese, courgette, red pepper and red onion 211
Snack 2 snickerdoodles 150
Dinner Seafood korma with veggies 292
Rice 179
1 glass white wine 78
Total Calories 1,070

4 thoughts on “Lovely Seafood Curry

  1. I made the mistake last night of cooking too much food for dinner. I think I must have done more rice than I thought (and recorded) because we both woke up this morning feeling like we’d had too much carbohydrate.

    I am gradually learning to change my perception when I cook of what constitutes enough food for us. I used to just pile heaps of pasta or rice or whatever onto a plate and we would eat it because it was there. (and we aren’t manual labourers who need lots of energy!) I certainly have changed my idea about how much protein I need. Again, I used to do a big steak or chicken breast for each of us. Then I read that you only need a portion of protein that’s about as big as the palm of your hand and you only need a starch that is about as big as your fist.

  2. What does it feel like to have had too much carbs the previous day?

    Cooked pasta, rice and plain mashed potatoes can be frozen. What we do now is cook big batches, spoon single servings into freezer bags, write the weight on the bag and freeze.

    100g cooked:
    potatoes = 76-100 calories
    basmati rice = 109 calories
    pasta = 158 calories

    I also try to have two times more of the curry or sauce as the rice or pasta now. It used to be the other way round.

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