A Pie Too Far

Posted by Becky

I was quite pleased that I changed the crumble recipe to be 240 calories a serving. (from 675) I used sweet n low instead of sugar and also less butter. However, today was still too calorific and will get back to better habits.

The Pie was lovely, very chicken-y. I got it from my farm shop and it was full of breast meat and mushrooms. However, it isn’t diet food.

Breakfast Pain au chocolate 250
Lunch Cheese sandwich 140
Snack popcorn 100
Dinner Chicken and mushroom pie 400
mashed potato 150
Peas with onion, red pepper and bacon 153
3 glasses white wine 238
black coffee 2
Dessert apple and blackberry crumble 240
Total Calories 1,673

3 thoughts on “A Pie Too Far

  1. I sat down and worked out the details of a homemade pie crust – oh my. :( If I knew I could limit how much of it I ate, I might make chicken pie as a treat but I know I’m not that good.

    Are you going to post the crumble recipe?

  2. Instead of butter, consider instead rapeseed oil (for cooking) or low-calorie spreads.

    100g butter = 717 calories
    100g (62ml) rapeseed oil – 513 calories
    100g extra-light Flora = 188 calories

    (If it helps, Jamie Oliver sometimes uses oil instead of butter in baking.)

  3. The Flora might work better than the oil when rubbing in to make the crumble topping. However, I’ve also used a scone batter to make a cobbler topping

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