Step Away from the Malt Loaf

Posted by Becky

The malt loaf was lovely but not really worth the calories. I’d wish I’d stopped and thought that whilst I was eating the second piece.

Breakfast Egg over-easy on Weight Watchers Toast 144
Lunch Cheddar cheese on whole wheat crackers 158
Undressed salad of tomatoes, cucumber and carrots 25
Snack 2 slices malt loaf 200
Snack (Number 2!) Cheese and one cracker 39
Dinner Stuffed Chicken breasts 271
Beetroot Salad 108
1 glass white wine 78
Mini Choc-ice 68
Total Calories 1,091

3 thoughts on “Step Away from the Malt Loaf

  1. is the malt loaf the yummy moist fruit loaf?

    When you have moreish things like that, consider my trick: prepare one slice, eat it slowly, savouring it. Ten minutes after you’ve finished, if you still feel hungry and want more, get a second slice. I find that, most of the time, I don’t go back for more (but if it’s on my plate, I’ll eat it).

  2. If you can’t resist the malt loaf come to Canada…

    they don’t exist here…

    (gawd I miss them!!!)

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