Day 8 – And So It Begins… Again

Posted by Georgina

Hi, I’m new.  So I’d better introduce myself.

I have always been naturally slim – one of those people you love to hate (and boy did I sometimes attract the hate).  Before kids I was around 7st 7lb which at 5ft 4 made me technically underweight, but according to my GP the BMI didn’t apply to me as I had exceptionally light bones… or something.

I wish I could say that this was some great achievement, but actually if anything I had problems keeping the weight on.  If I got ill then my weight would plummet and compound the problem; it would be a struggle to get my weight back to normal.  It would be hard to force feed myself as I had a small appetite and low boredom threshhold for food.  My eating habits therefore have always been geared for most bang for buck in terms of calorific values.  In addition, with town only 15 minutes walk away I would walk EVERYWHERE.

Fast forward a decade or so, two kids later and a move away from London where public transport is minimal and the car is needed for more and more journeys.  My weight crept up a little to 8st and I actually quite liked myself at that weight.  I was able to become a blood donor for the first time ever.  Getting ill was potentially less problematic.  Sarcastic comments about me being able to fit through very narrow gaps grew a lot less frequent.

Then in January of this year, a friend of mine, Sylvia started to track her calories and set herself daily exercise goals.  I became her exercise coach, checking to see if she’d achieved her goal each day and also deciding to join her and get a bit fitter myself so we could egg each other on.  I bought a bike and started cycling regularly as well as doing regular strength training.  I started feeling healthier and my appetite increased – but this was okay (even though I was still in the bad maximum calorie habit) as I was burning up those extra calories.  Weight crept up a little but not enough to really notice that much.

The problem came when the summer holidays started.  With the kids at home, exercise became harder to fit in around them and I soon stopped bothering, but my appetite didn’t return to pre-exercise levels.  Worse, with lots of camping trips and extra treats, evening snacking got even worse and if anything my calorie intake was greater than ever before.

So here I am.  The boys go back to school tomorrow.  My weighing scales tell me I’ve reached the all time high of 9st 4 (59.0kg) and I’m not happy.  My goal is a) to get rid of the overhanging stomach and fit in my nice jeans again and b) get back to being 8st (50.8kg) again.  I’m using Food Focus to track my calories and exercise – it automatically sets net calorie intake goals according to my current weight (and I can “earn” more calories by exercising) and as of today it says my goal is 1613 calories.

My first week went quite well, I lost 2lb (0.9kg) but with no change of calorie intake I suddenly seem back at square one again (coinciding with the start of my period – significant?).  I feel permanently hungry for the first time ever in my life (which quite honestly, is probably a good thing – I’ve got in the habit recently of eating because I am bored rather than waiting to be hungry).

This is my first ever calorie controlled diet.  Be kind.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart


4 thoughts on “Day 8 – And So It Begins… Again

  1. Interesting. I’ve been wondering whether my target of 9 stone ( 126 lbs / 57 kg) is too high for me at 5’2″ as I still see a lot of flab to lose. I’ll give it a month or so and will adjust my target weight accordingly.

  2. Well done, Sylvia – nice walk? :)

    Paola: I don’t really know the answer – I’m not even sure if 8 stone is the right target for me either, maybe I just need a better ratio muscle mass! It’s hard to know where to begin when the BMI has never been that helpful for me personally.

  3. Welcome aboard Georgina.

    At 5ft 4 I am told my target weight should be 120lbs’ish. My brain still registers things in stones, and I know I looked my best at 8 stones. I would be happy to lose the extra…. *back to work*

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