Seafood Curry Yum!

Posted by Becky

Breakfast Pepper pizza slice 200
1/2 cappucino (skinny) 35
lunch Pesto and tomatoes on bread 250?
bite of Lucy’s dinner (sausage) 50?
Dinner Seafood Korma 386
Rice 81
1 glass white wine 78
Dessert Sainsbury’s Econo Choc-ice 68
Total Calories 1,148

3 thoughts on “Seafood Curry Yum!

  1. I love how you add so many calories every day, every time you take a bite from Lucy’s food!! It reminds me that I need to count every time I take a small nibble of my son’s food, but believe me when I say, I do not get a bite of food out of my son!!! He is so protective of his food, we would be lucky to get his leftovers!!

  2. Yes, the bite of food thing is one of the reasons I’m resisting having different meals to the kids (quite apart from the hassle factor thing). I can just see me “finishing up” the leftovers so as not to be wasteful!

    Still, am impressed you’re keeping your cals so low even with that.

  3. LOL Ginni – my boyfriend’s son was like that too – not a chance of taking a bite. At Lucy’s age, my son wouldn’t let me near his McDonald’s chips (even though he couldn’t finish them!) but anything else was fair game.

    I struggle when cooking – if I’m not very careful I inhale calories without ever noticing. Both testing things but also just plain nibbling. Tracking calories did a lot to break me of that (because I had to stop and work out the detail every time!) and now I try to remember to put out a few pieces of celery or carrot to nibble on instead.

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