Set meal?

Posted by Paola

Fruit planned in advance

Fruit planned in advance

I’ve been thinking about how I pick what I will have for dessert before I’ve eaten my main course.

Given my fundamental rule of only eating when I’m hungry, how can I be sure I’ll still be hungry after a sandwich, say? And, given my weakness of eating anything handy… duh.

And what about 3-course set meals at restaurants? Perhaps I should avoid those too.

So, from today, I’m not gonna select my fruit in advance and so you won’t see them in my meal photos anymore. I’ll wait until I’ve had my main meal and THEN decide whether I want something sweet.

I am already achieving steady weight loss but I have been getting impatient the last few weeks. And, with the prospect I might have to knock more pounds off my goal weight, I just want to step it up a notch; I don’t want to still be dieting next year.


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