Day 13 – Making Up For Yesterday

Posted by Georgina

I haven’t been eating a lot today. Partially in order to make up for the excesses of yesterday evening, but also because my cold has got bad and my appetite has been low.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Cup of Tea 49
Total 49

Funnily enough, wasn’t too interested in breakfast this morning. Probably something to do with the quantity of alcohol from the night before… heh.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Lunch BREAD White, Toasted 199
Cheese cheddar 101
TOMATOES Cherry, Average 2
Branston PICKLE Small Chunk 22
Total 324

A light and easy lunch.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Afternoon Tea Plums raw 61
Cup of Tea 49
Total 110

I only have three plums left to use up! Well, after I’d eaten these, that is.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Dinner Knorr SAUCE Hearty Cumberland, Sausages Tonight 41
OIL Olive, Extra Virgin, Average 42
Carrots, steamed 12
Broccoli, steamed 10
Saute potatoes, homemade 167
SAUSAGE Pork, Average 146
Total 418

Normally enjoy this dinner, but to be honest, can’t taste an awful lot at the moment and I ended up leaving some.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Late Cadbury HOT CHOCOLATE Instant Break 119
Total 119

I’m guessing that a couple of Night Nurse tablets have negligible calories…

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Exercise Walking, moderate pace (30 mins) -74
Total -74

I don’t normally do any exercise on the weekend, but decided to go out for a walk with my eldest son. Wasn’t a terribly fast walk though so not a huge amount of cals burned.

Time for the scores on the doors:

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Cup of Tea 49
Lunch Cheese and tomato on toast with pickle 324
Afternoon Tea Cup of tea and two plums 110
Dinner Sausage casserole, sauteed potatoes and steamed veg 418
Late Hot chocolate 119
Exercise Walk with son -74
Total 946

I think that’s probably the lowest I’ve ever managed and ever will manage. This horrible cold is good for something at least (and hopefully makes the average of the last two days a bit more sensible – does it work like that in practise?!).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my bed and some Olbas oil.


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