Day 24 – Mathematically Challenged

Posted by Georgina

I was doing so well today (well okay, apart from a lunchtime blip) then I messed it up at the end by not being able to add up. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Tesco BREAKFAST CEREAL Hoops, Multigrain 75
Milk 3.7% fat 61
Cup of Tea 49
Fruit Bowl BARS School, Blackcurrant, Apple, & Pear 72
Total 257

Was actually feeling slightly hungry at breakfast, so maybe this calorie shifting is starting to work…

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Lunch Potato flesh and skin, raw 104
OIL Olive, Average 86
BEANS Baked, In Tomato Sauce, Average 108
Cheese cheddar 161
Salad 24
Tesco DRESSING French 22
Tropicana SMOOTHIE – Strawberry & Banana 135
Total 640

This whole lunch was decided upon solely because I had some left over baked beans from yesterday. I thought I was being really good because I picked a small potato for baking and resisted the habit of adding butter to it as well as the toppings. Was rather shocked when I saw the end total!

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Afternoon Tea Cup of Tea 49
Total 49

Out of guilt, I avoided the ginger biscuits.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Dinner Sainsbury’s FISH CAKES Cod 150
POTATOES New, Baby, Average 109
Butter salted 36
BEANS Runner, Average 6
Carrots raw 12
HP SAUCE Brown, Daddies Favourite 10
Total 323

I was going to have sausages and mash for tea tonight, but have deferred it as I knew fish cakes would be lower calorie and make up for the slightly too extravagant lunch.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Late BREAD White, Medium Sliced 119
Butter salted 72
Cadbury HOT CHOCOLATE Instant Break 119
Total 310

And this is where I came unstuck. I worked out how many calories I had left for the day, decided on toast. Thought, “ooo, I can just about have TWO slices of toast with what I have left” completely forgetting the fact that two lots of toast mean twice as much butter. *sigh*.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Exercise Exercise Bike (warm up 5 mins) -53
Strength Training (20 mins) -134
Total -187

At least I got the exercise done without a hitch.

And the grand totals are:

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Cereal, cup of tea and a fruit snack bar 257
Lunch Baked potato, cheese and beans with a salad and smoothie 640
Afternoon Tea Cup of Tea 49
Dinner Fish cakes, new potatoes and steamed veg 323
Late Two slices of toast and a hot chocolate 310
Exercise Strength training and warm up -187
Total 1,392

4 thoughts on “Day 24 – Mathematically Challenged

  1. Georgina, what program are you using to count your calories? I’m just reading the boxes (which certainly doesn’t help when it comes to fresh fruit and veggies). Although, I have had some success Googling for calorie counts. But don’t know how accurate it is when I find conflicting data…


  2. Hi :) It actually isn’t just me posting here – there’s a group of us and I think different people use different databases?

    I personally use Food Focus: – but I have noticed some flaws! At least it’s a british site though so has familiar brand names for stuff I can get in the shops here!

    The useful links though are very useful too – Paola (the site owner) put them together and they’re brill.

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