Day 265: weigh-in

Posted by Paola

Weekly weigh-in: 2 lbs gained (total: 58 lbs / 26.3 kg in 38 weeks)

My average daily calories this week was 1,600. It means that, if I continue to have no exercise, my maintenance level after I reach my target is NOT gonna be 1,600.


13 thoughts on “Day 265: weigh-in

  1. What’s your situation like, re exercise? Would you be able to fit half an hour into your day just to have a stroll out (or is your local area not really conducive to safe walking?)

    I know I’m a bit of an extreme exerciser at the moment, but I think it’s more than the calorie burn – I get SAD in the winter and just getting out each day helps ward it off a little bit longer plus I think it gives your whole metabolism a boost as well (helping to burn the calories quicker). I actually really look forward to my bike rides now, it’s fun – not just a means to being able to eat more without worrying!

    Would it be worth experimenting with different things until you find something you enjoy doing/can do/can fit in with your life?

  2. I agree with Georgina, as with your weight loss, you would now need to exercise to get toned, continue weight loss and get fitter.

    I love walking and cycling, but I cannot cycle right now. By using a pedometer I monitor how much I walk and then push myself a little bit harder every day. Here, the temperatures drop to -45C in the winter so we make the most of the outdoors when we get a chance. Its getting to 0C every evening now, so walking at work is a good option.

    You should try joining a gym as you are fortunate in being able to control your work hours from home. I will be starting my gym next month, at lunch time as we have one at work. It really helps in making you feel good and it does get addictive! I used to go to the gym twice a day before I got married, but you don’t need to go to that extreme!

  3. I have the same mental block about exercising as I did with dieting. While reading both of your comments, I could only think of a bunch of lame excuses in reply. I’ll spare you them.

    I’m happy that I can lose weight without exercise. However, I am aware I will have to face the issue eventually because I will have to deal with my saggy bits from having lost weight.

  4. Unless you wish to pay astronomical amounts to the plastic surgeon …..

    You will find, vanity develops at a fast rate when you lose weight :)

  5. Some tips for successful long-term exercising:

    – start off easy. There’s nothing more off-putting than having something you dread doing cos it’s too hard.
    – don’t spend too much money until you find something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t keep it up and if you’ve forked out £200 on an exercise bike or gym membership, it’s money down the drain. Freecycle is a good place to look out for exercise equipment if you want “stuff”, but you don’t need it.
    – make sure you stretch out well afterwards. When I started I ended up with horrible leg cramps in the middle of the night cos I never bothered. Started to spend 10 mins gentle stretching afterwards and now I don’t get cramp anymore.
    – make yourself accountable. I started to keep Sylvia company and so we could nag each other “have you done it today yet?” – it helped :)

    Some ideas to get started: gentle walks nearby, swimming, ignoring lifts and escalators when you’re in town. For toning: yoga, pilates, or (old fashioned now, but effective) callanetics (get a book or dvd to see if you like any of these first, don’t shell out for a class unless you’re sure). Sparkpeople automatically generates strength training routines depending on what equipment you have (or even if you have none).

    Warning: it’s addictive once you start – you get a nice endorphin rush :) If you’re prone to depression (like me) then I’d recommend finding something you can do outside at least a couple of times a week – the extra light and fresh air seems to ward off the downward spirals to a certain extent.

  6. Thanks for the advice and suggestions.

    I’m embarrassed that you might think I’ve NEVER exercised.

    In 2002, after I was at my biggest, I did 10 frantic minutes a day on a cross-country skiing Nordic Track (bought for £500 and sold last year on Freecycle for £60). I lost two stone (28 lbs). I stopped exercising during the summer when it got too hot. I lost the habit. I put back on a stone after I stopped.

    I got a dance game with mat – good workout but bloody hard. I only used it for a week. I still have it but haven’t used it in a couple of years.

    For a couple of weeks, I used my stairs for exercise. I’d go up+down for as many times as it was hours in the day. E.g, 9 ups+downs if I did it at 9am. Hard work. I noticed it got easier as the days went by. But I developed big purple blotches on my legs – the GP thought it might be burst capillaries from over-exertion.

    We live in a lovely village with fields and horses. It’s a 20 min walk to the shops and post office. But I find walking very boring – Frank loaded up my iPod with podcasts. I walked to the shops and back every day for a week, and then every two days but it never became a habit and I didn’t really enjoy it.

    Jennifer inspired me to start using a pedometer.

    During this diet, I slowly integrated exercise into normal activities, such as walking briskly, or getting off the busy early to walk the rest of the way. That actually worked out fine because I had to get to the place anyway and so it didn’t seem as exercise in my head. But I haven’t had occasion to do that recently.

    There’s a big difference between finding an activity and wanting to do it. At the moment, I don’t want to exercise – in the same way that I preferred to continue eating, pre-diet. It’s irrational, I know, but that’s where my head is.

    P.S. I was a country and league table tennis player when I was in my teens and twenties. I plan to find a local club to take it up again next year. I’m looking forward to it!

  7. “I’m embarrassed that you might think I’ve NEVER exercised.” – no, I just don’t like to assume anything and given you stated that you had a blind spot to exercising wondered if it was instinctively something disliked and thought I’d try and think of some easy things to get you started :) I apologise if I offended you :)

    “There’s a big difference between finding an activity and wanting to do it.” – that was my sticking point. I tried a lot of things before I found that I actually quite enjoyed bike rides. I have an indoor exercise bike too but only tolerate that if the weather is bad and I can find something good to watch on telly at the same time. Not irrational at all… well, in the sense that I can perfectly empathise because I’ve been there.

    For me, competitive sport at school put me off any type of exercise even as an adult, because I just assumed that I’d hate it all/be no good at it. Those games teachers have a lot to answer for!

  8. ‘I’m embarrassed that you might think I’ve NEVER exercised’
    Sorry that was not our intention in this. . . . We were only trying to encourage you and Georgina only intended to give some direction in this.

    My husband is a fitness fanatic and we have a whole weight training gym, exercise bike, skiing machine, treadmill. . . you name it, he has it in the garage which is converted into his gym. He works 10 hour shifts and then comes back and spends 3-4 hours a day in the gym.

    In my skinny days, I used to work out but I have not felt like working out at all these last 4.5 years since I stopped during pregnancy. I find it very hard to get motivated to do anything and whilst I watch Dal work out, I don’t intend to join him. He tries to encourage me but it just pushes me further away instead of joining him. So, I understand exactly where you are coming from, Paola !

    Its actually a strong Kathuria trait. Habitually, the Kathuria’s DO NOT like to exercise. I have not seen ANY Kathuria who is a fitness freak. Everyone would rather control the food than exercise. Kathuria women do not sweat a lot either, and they don’t like to. You have to remember, our family was part-royalty a couple of generations ago, and these habits and tendencies stem from there. They are all super-intelligent, just not physically very active.

    Secondly, they all get their back up when someone is trying to ask them to do anything. We don’t like it ! Somehow, it pushes us in the opposite direction. Why do we all do that? If I have to ask Julie to do something, I must tell her the opposite instead.

    @Paola – you have VERY strong Kathuria traits, and it might help to understand that there’s lots more of us, and you are not the odd one out when you are amongst us. Its amazing, but true!

  9. Oh, I wasn’t offended or anything. I just felt defensive in EXACTLY the same way I did about food before this year. It’s interesting.


    “Kathuria women do not sweat a lot either”

    Don’t you mean they DO sweat a lot?

    “You have to remember, our family was part-royalty a couple of generations ago”

    That’s news to me! Perhaps you should mail me about it!

    Yeah, I’m stubborn. But I don’t think it’s a passed-down royal trait, sorry! :-)

    (Btw, my mum’s mother was the illegitimate daughter of a Count!)

  10. I am still walking but I do need a goal. I don’t get to buy cottage cheese unless I walk to the shop to get it. I walk to the market. I come up with photography trips and go walking with the camera, hoping for specific shots. The one that works best is the shopping – obviously big shops need the car but I try to do little shopping trips most days with something nice for dinner.

    This goes to hell when it rains, though :(

    I need to get back to weight training. I had a routine (which I started with Pewari) of crunches and twists and leg raising thingies. I kept it really short – under half an hour – so that it would feel like it was a benefit over walking (less time out of my day – just get it over with). It worked well but I stopped ages ago and haven’t restarted.

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