Eating makes me hungry

Posted by Paola

This is my theory of why eating makes me hungry. By that I mean that I am sometimes MORE hungry straight after eating than I was before I ate.

stomach is relaxed, waiting for some action
food arrives – ooh!
party time – woo!
yeah, we’re partying – we’re waiting for more
hey, you out there, we’re PARTYING – we want more!
oh go on, give us more
oh well, whose turn was it?

I wonder whether a) eating VERY slowly would quieten the urgent rumblings in my stomach or whether it’s about b) eating ENOUGH the first time.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Eating makes me hungry

  1. *laugh* … love the cartoon – not sure about whether eating slowly or eating enough is the way to go. Might it be worth trying one way for a week and then the other way the next week if that isn’t successful?

  2. These cartoons are really cute!!

    I think, eating slowly would help. It takes 20 mins for the stomach to realise and send the message to the brain that it does not need any more. If you are still hungry 20 mins later, then eat a little bit more, but more than likely, you may not need to.

    I have tried eating slowly, physically putting down the cutlery after every morsel and counting to 5 before picking up the cutlery each time. It works!

    I know when I eat faster, (which is very often when you have kids – I am sure Georgina would agree with this!) it is usually because of Jakey wanting something (a glass of water, tissue, or something else), noise on table etc etc… and these are the times I end up over eating, as my brain hasn’t registered that I am full.

    But whenever I eat slowly, it works. I eat far less and feel satisfied a lot sooner.
    Try it !

  3. hwoooooooooow………………………………..

    it’s a great description of hunger!!! :))

    it’s really funny but i like it, and it’s easy to be understood. :)

    euummh….. now i know what the problem is. :D

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