Day 37 – Look away, Ginni… Look away…

Posted by Georgina

You know, psychologically it’s REALLY nice to eat lots of naughty things and STILL come in way under on your calorie allowance for the day. It feels like cheating, though!

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Tesco BREAKFAST CEREAL Hoops, Multigrain 75
Milk 3.7% fat 61
Fruit Bowl BARS School, Blackcurrant, Apple, & Pear 72
Cup of Tea 49
Total 257

Really didn’t want to eat this morning and struggled to wake up this morning. I may have to start my light therapy soon which is annoying as I’d hoped to at least last until the clocks went back.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Lunch Tesco Mini Breaded Camembert 610
Salad 18
Tesco DRESSING French 22
Total 650

They erm… sort of fell into my basket when I was in Tesco this morning. Honest, guv. Actually, the packaging REALLY annoyed me. Big print 305 cals and I thought… hmm… not too evil then, okay will treat myself. Then read the small print underneath when at home and cooking them – one serving, half the pack. Not totally convinced that ANYONE in their right mind would consider half the pack as one serving as they were really small – very manipulative and misleading.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Afternoon Tea Cup of Tea 49
Total 49

I do look forward to my afternoon cuppa.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Dinner Bernard Mafthews KIEV Cheese & Herb, Mini 229
Butter salted 36
POTATOES New, Baby, Average 98
Cabbage, steamed 6
BEANS Runner, Average 5
Total 374

A very early dinner as it’s the kids’ swimming night and we have to be out of the door again by 5pm.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Late Coca-Cola COLA Coke 142
Walkers QUAVERS Cheese 88
OPTIONS Belgian Chocolate, Instant 36
Total 266

Naughty but oh so nice.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Exercise Cycle ride around local woods -621
Total -621

I did well again on the cycle ride this morning – although I thought I’d blown it a bit by powering up the first hill then feeling so knackered for the rest of it I was on really low gears the second there was a slight incline. Very silly.

Meal Food | Drink Calories
Breakfast Cereal, cup of tea and a fruit snack bar 257
Lunch Mini camembert, salad and dressing 650
Afternoon Tea Cup of Tea 49
Dinner Mini kievs, new potatoes and steamed veg 374
Late Can of coke, crisps and a hot chocolate 266
Exercise Cycle ride through the woods -621
Total 975

Seeing the total, I’m half inclined to go eat something else just so I don’t wake in the night absolutely starving hungry. But I don’t actually need anything right now, I could happily eat something, but I’m not actually hungry. So I’m not.

I shall have to be careful not to overcompensate and over eat tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 37 – Look away, Ginni… Look away…

  1. *laugh* . . . you have found the key to wind me up !!

    Its not fair !!!

    You and Paola BOTH get to eat my favourite Quavers…..(I think I need to go food shopping to London!)

    You make me feel so deprived !!!
    How on earth are you losing weight …and keeping your calorie count so low…. my mind boggles…yes, I know the cycling is the key to that !!

    *sigh* I should have looked away !!

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