Diet on Hold

Posted by Georgina

I have yet another cold starting and am having a bad headache again. My health seems to have gone down the pan since I started this diet.

I think I’m going to call it quits here, or at least put it on hold for a while.

I’m still going to continue my pattern of exercise, because I think that’s made a huge difference for me. I’m going to continue forcing myself to eat breakfast (so I don’t just end up snacking and having small meals for the rest of the day). I’m going to stick to a rule of evening munching on one thing only (but maybe allow myself two on weekends) so I don’t run away with bad habits again – or if I’m still genuinely hungry beyond that point have fruit instead.

It has been a partial success – I haven’t reached my goal, but I fit more comfortably into my favourite jeans. I do need to listen more to what my body though and I think obsessively weighing everything and counting the calories is actually becoming counter-productive to stopping when I’m full or eating more when I’m actually feeling a bit light-headed and hungry.

Yesterday for example, I ended up with 700 calories “spare” at the end of the day so ended up eating loads of chocolate to make up the quantity and that’s just daft – by the end of it I didn’t really want it but I was worried that I would end up eating more than my allowance today when the hunger caught up. It just isn’t the route to continued sensible eating.

So, here it ends. Thank you Paola for letting me post here – it’s been really helpful and I’ve learned lots both about myself and sensible eating patterns. I may be back at some point and I’ll still hang around to see how you guys are doing.


2 thoughts on “Diet on Hold

  1. Georgina, I’m glad that food diarying has made some positive difference but, you’re right, you must put your health first.

    I’ve really enjoyed having you here – you’ll be missed. You’ll always be welcome to post here!

  2. Oh no… !!!
    I was looking forward to our little bantering sessions Georgina…. *sigh*

    But, I understand. You have had a string of bad luck with your health lately, and you have been over-doing it *me thinks*.

    Take it easy, get yourself back on track… and we will miss you ! *wave*

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