Plan C

Posted by Paola

The story so far

I have been on a diet for the last 300 days and have lost 61 lbs so far.

I found it surprisingly easy until the middle of August, when my weight started yo-yo-ing even though I didn’t think I was eating very much differently.

4 Jan – 16 Aug 32 weeks 1,260 calories / day 54 lbs lost 1.7 lbs / week
17 Aug – 31 Oct 11 weeks 1,320 calories / day 7 lbs lost 0.6 lbs / week

At the new rate, it will take me another 43 weeks to lose the remaining 27 lbs!

If it hadn’t been for my doctor telling me that it’s normal for one’s weight to go up and down when trying to lose less weight, I think I’d be really concerned now. Instead, I think of it as a physiological quirk and am trying not to get disheartened by it.

Here’s a new graph to show what’s been happening since August.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Plan A

(I hadn’t originally planned to but,) for most of the last 300 days, I have:

  1. weighed and noted what I eat
  2. photographed my meals
  3. calculated calories and nutritional information at the end of the day
  4. posted a) photos and b) food diary tables at the end of the day
  5. weighed-in once a week

Plans B and C

Calculating calories is laborious, even though I have amassed a lot of information in my spreadsheet. Plan B, which I considered for a day, was to go through my food diaries so that I could prepare meal plans for a whole week. I’d then prepare as much as I could at the weekend so that I wouldn’t have any decisions to make when I felt like eating.

Plan B.1 was to have something different each day of the week, choosing from my favourites, but where calories are pre-calculated. Plan B.2 was to agree set meals with fixed calories so that I could mix and match depending on what I felt like.

However, I decided I couldn’t be bothered to do all that and would prefer the freedom to have different things. Instead, I’m going to skip steps 3 and 4b from my list above. I will:

  1. weigh and note what I eat (for now)
  2. photograph my meals
  3. post photos at the end of the day
  4. weigh-in once a week

Posting my meal photos will keep a) me honest and b) the blog interesting because, as long as I think there’s someone reading this I’ll continue food-diarying.

Winging it

I figure that I now know enough about what is low and high in calories (bear in mind that I have been counting calories at the end of the day, not before each meal).

I’ve lapsed the last few weeks when I’ve knowingly over-eaten by having extra portions rather than bingeing on chocolate or anything like that. I will see how it goes for a couple of weeks.

I figure that I need this change so that my diet more reflects a general way of life rather than an intense diet, because half a pound a week aint intense!


One thought on “Plan C

  1. “I figure that I need this change so that my diet more reflects a general way of life”

    That makes a lot of sense. The great thing about the food diaries is that it really does make for a deeper understanding of food and calories and options.

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