Off the Wagon

Posted by Sylvia

Well, the bad news is that I’ve put on a big chunk of weight again – I’m up to 78.6 so over two kilos put back on. The past few months have at least made one thing clear: the real problem is when I’m on the road. I guess it’s not surprising: two meals a day in restaurants or worse – in a rush so I simply eat what I can get. One day’s lunch was a snickers bar with a bag of doritos – neither healthy nor low cal.

I did vaguely attempt to order more salads and vegetables at the restaurants but I do have an issue with paying someone to make me food that I don’t particularly like. It seriously winds me up and so I end up choosing my favourite meal because it just seems daft to do anything else. Especially when we are in odd little places where it’s food I wouldn’t normally get: sitting in a small basement in Brussels where the speciality is Stoemp, I really don’t feel happy making do with a green salad. It seems a waste of experience.

On the other hand, I sat there and watched my face getting fatter as the weeks passed by. It was odd to be seeing people for the first time in months and they’d say “Have you lost weight?” and I’d cry out “Yes but I’ve just gained it all back again!”

So, I’m thinking about options:

Realistically, reducing food intake at home in general (as opposed to fixed diet dates) is a must. I was quite happy with holding steady but it’s not holding steady if I put weight on every time we go away. I’ll need to work around that.
I need to up my exercise, especially while we are travelling. I tend to walk a bit more but as it’s on the flat, I don’t think it does much good compared to the strenuous walking I do at home. This means that I’m eating more and burning less, a fatal combination. I was looking at one hundred push ups which looks like a decent program broken down into doable steps. I’d rather do sit ups though and my tummy is a lot flabbier than my arms.

And finally, I need to lose more weight. At 76, I felt better (face less round and feeling slightly better) but I certainly didn’t feel that it was a comfortable weight for me, just “better than I was.” I knew I was going to need a few more months hard-core dieting (or more, seeing the slow-down effect at the goal approaches) and so I suspect there’s a bit of a feeling of “I’m going to diet later anyway so I might as well eat this now”. If I were at my target weight, it’d shift to “If I eat too much, I’ll have to diet again – yuck!”

So that’s where I am at the moment. I’ve got a really busy two months ahead of me so I’m not looking forward to adding calorie control on top of that but I’m also not happy AT ALL with the weight back on. Previously, phasing in the different aspects of the diet seemed to work fairly well. So I’m looking at upping my exercise and keeping calories “generally” down for the moment rather than strict counting.  As I get caught up, I’ll go back to the 1,200/day regime as that worked well for me before.


2 thoughts on “Off the Wagon

  1. I understand how you would want to make the most of your (food) experiences. I think that it’d be a challenge to lose weight even if you had just one lovely restaurant meal a day and extreme low-calorie for everything else for the rest of the day.

    To cut down while not missing out while eating out, what do you think of ordering the lowest-cal option anyway (and ask fro salad dressings on the side) but then agree with your guests that you will try a spoonful of each of their stuff? I appreciate it’s cheeky but I don’t think that m/any will say no.

    To minimise the need to make decisions at home (which gives rise to the opportunity to make bad decisions), I try to have prepared yummy stuff in the fridge ready to grab. Recently, that’s meant steaming a whole head of broccoli or bag of kale as soon as I get it so that I can just mix and match with a protein (a dollop of cheese or a slice of ‘ham’) and a dressing when I’m hungry.

  2. Re: spoonful – my mother does this and it drives me insane. So no – not really :)

    But I do think I have to be choosier in general: if there isn’t something to die for on the menu, then rather than feel like I need to get my money’s worth, I could go for a low-cal option there. I don’t think I could reprogramme myself to not care but I should be able to look at “dinner will be at the Greek and very nice, lunch is at this not very good cafe, so I’ll have salad here to make room for Greek later.”

    That should at least help me to hold steady! My mother mailed me to say she gained 5 pounds in the week she spent in Antwerp so it wasn’t just me. Ugh.

    I’ve gone back to planning out meals a week in advance which helps both in terms of time (I don’t end up last minute shopping) and healthy (avoids going for a high cal/carb meal because it’s quick and easy. Pasta in cream sauce is my downfall) .

    But I am cooking for multiple people which is difficult – and Lina is doing lunches. I had another go at explaining low cal and foods to avoid but she really doesn’t see it. Note she’s skinny as a rail and her doctor wants her to GAIN weight – so the entire concept is foreign to her. I told her lots of vegetables were good so she served me a plate of deep-fried italian peppers. They were lovely – but that really wasn’t what I had in mind. :)

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