Day 303: Presidential Election

Posted by Paola

7:20am  Toasted cheese and onion sandwich with carrot + pint of fizzy squash + orange

12:20pm  Beetroot and pea salad with carrots

Afternoon drink: black coffee

We had a Tesco home delivery. I had no idea that frozen veg were cheaper than fresh veg and so I bought bags of frozen broccoli and spinach. It means I’m rather spoiled for choice when padding out meals. I usually have an (irrational) thought of saving the ‘good stuff’ (like tofu) but it seems silly not to eat as much as I want of green veg!

4:15pm  Vegetarian curry with broccoli + sweet spiced tea

I was well stuffed afterwards.

7:10pm  Carrot and cottage cheese salad + pint of fizzy squash

This was a salad of sliced raw carrot, tomato, chilli, cottage cheese with pineapple, sultanas, sun-dried tomatoes and lemon juice.

The Tesco Value cottage cheese has a lot of water and so I’ve gone up a notch to the Light Choices range.

I never thought I would but I am making do without olive oil. At just under 50 calories for a teaspoonful, it rarely seems worth it and so I add yummy flavour with other things.

8pm  Biscuit + tea

A McVities milk chocolate caramel digestive @ 81 calories.

I’m excited about the election. I wish I could stay up all night to watch the results come in.


3 thoughts on “Day 303: Presidential Election

  1. I never thought I would but I am making do without olive oil.

    I’m still struggling on that score – I really do like to fry up my onions before adding other things. But you’ll see I managed to cut it in half for the recipe I posted :)

  2. (with/without edited in post and comment)

    Can you really tell the difference that onions were fried in oil in the finished dish?

    I’m finding very few occasions to need oil in cooking. I either use a splash of water or balsamic to stop sticking or, for chillis and soups, just throw the onions and garlic in with the rest of the veg.

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