Day 304: Wasabi peas

Posted by Paola

12:30am  Sweet chilli kale with Quorn turkey-style slices

While watching the BBC coverage of the Presidential election last night.

12:15pm  Chinese snacks

A few wasabi peas and a coconut-flavour covered peanut from my first online order from an asian supermarket I found.

12:45pm  Turkey and cottage cheese salad sandwich + sweet spiced tea + orange

Afternoon drink: pint of fizzy squash

4pm  Vegetable curry with kale

When I prepared things like this, I still think that my portion looks pitifully small. I would normally have filled the bowl. But I know that having more than 450g of anything is a lot and so I aim for around a max of 400g per meal. After eating this, I felt full and didn’t want to eat more but I don’t like the urgent and unwanted thoughts beforehand of “it’s not enough, take more!”

Afternoon drink: pint of fizzy squash

5:30pm  Cottage cheese salad + tea

Lettuce, tomato, fresh chilli, cottage cheese with pineapple, sun-dried tomatoes, and 29g wasabi peas which I later figured out was over 100 calories. Hmm.

They’re very lovely (horseradishy) and moreish. So much so that I don’t think that I will buy them again. :-(

8:45pm  Cold snack

Quorn turkey-style slices, tomato, wasabi peas, corn relish and pickled cucumber.

I shall now have an early night.


One thought on “Day 304: Wasabi peas

  1. Yeah, that’s the conclusion I came to – that it was better not to have them lying around as they are way too easy to just keep nibbling on. Clever idea to use them on top!

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