Day 313: Burnt muffins

Posted by Paola

12:30pm  Ham and cheese salad sandwich + clementine + sweet spiced tea

Followed by a Custard Cream and a prune as my mouth was burning from the red chilli.

5:40pm  Courgette and kale with cottage cheese + pint of fizzy squash + chocolate Digestive

7:45pm  Muffins with toffee yoghurt

I baked some muffins for Frank, adapting a recipe in one of my books: rolled oats, flour, yoghurt, milk, Spenda, oil, egg, chopped semi-dried figs and sultanas.

I ended up burning them by ignoring the timer while replying to work mail. But they still smelled good. I’d already weighed myself and knew I was up from last week and so I thought “what the hell.”

Frank had just opened a tub of toffee yoghurt (which I’d bought for him and otherwise considered them off limits) and so I dipped some of my muffin in it. Ooh. I helped myself to my own tub of yoghurt and three muffins. I later had a fourth and calculated them later as being around 700 calories.


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