Day 319: No weighed food

Posted by Paola

I stopped weighing all my food today.

10:30am  Turkey and mozzarella salad sandwich + tea + half pint of squash + clementine

12:25pm  Apple + pint of fizzy squash

2:20pm  Brussel sprouts with mozzarella + prunes + tea

And with grated cheddar. In a lemon juice, oil and yoghurt dressing.

4:45pm  Tomato and cottage cheese on Crackerbreads

7:15pm  Courgette and spinach soup + half pint of squash

Steamed courgettes, onions and garlic with potatoes and spinach and lemon juice.

11pm  Finn Crisp with hazelnut & chocolate spread and peanut butter + tea

Having a rare urge to eat sweet things.


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