Day 322: Sweet tofu

Posted by Paola

1:20pm  Apple, sultana, coconut and cinnamon pancakes with honey + tea

Made with white flour and oat flakes. A batch of 15. I was prepared to eat the lot. But Frank came when called and so I had 9.

4:45pm  Brussel sprouts with cottage cheese and tofu + tea + fig + Custard Cream

Raw sprouts, lettuce and chilli. The tofu is beef-flavoured. It’s sweet and sticky, and too yummy to be good for me. I haven’t dared look up the calories. I bought three packets in different flavours from an online Asian supermarket. These are from the second bag.

9pm  Brussel sprouts with sheep’s milk cheese and tofu + pint of fizzy squash

With sun-dried tomatoes and in a lemon, olive oil and yoghurt dressing. The sprinkling of tofu was purely gratuitous because they’re so tasty.

Flavoured dried tofu – I have found my nemesis.


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