Day 325: Late night snack

Posted by Paola

11:15am  Toasted cheese and onion salad sandwich + clementine + tea

2:30pm  Courgette and spinach soup + pint of fizzy squash + dried fig

5pm  Tomato, turkey, cheese and pickle snack + apple + tea

7:10pm  Vegetarian curry with rice

10:20pm  Tomato, turkey and cheese snack + dried figs + tea

I only realised how late it was after I’d prepared it wrote it down. I thought I should cover it with cling film and leave it for tomorrow. I didn’t.

These are some of the things that arrived in this week’s online food order, along with six packets of biscuits for Frank.

It used to be easy this year to keep Frank’s stuff off limits. I’m gonna try to get back to that.


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