Day 326: Sweet temptations

Posted by Paola

This is what was in the cookie jar this morning. Chocolate-covered oat biscuits and Lebküchen. They’re Frank’s. I’m not having any.

And, together with the cakes I showed yesterday, these are the rest of the biscuits that all came in this week’s food order:

  • caramel wafers
  • chocolate digestives
  • “vanilla-enriched orange flavour crispy rice bars covered in milk chocolate”
  • “plain chocolate mint sandwich biscuits”
  • Swiss Choquettes: “meringue biscuits fully coated with milk chocolate with a hazelnut cream filling”

We discovered the Choquettes when browsing the Tesco web site. One of them is decorated with an edelweiss flower! Those are the ones I’d most like to try. But I am not having any of them. Nah ah.

10:30am  Cheese and pickle salad sandwich + mandarin + tea + dried fig

Morning drink: pint of fizzy squash

5:30pm  Brussel sprouts and mozzarella with lemon and horseradish yoghurt dressing + sweet spiced tea

I’m really liking having brussel sprouts around. They’re really just mini cabbages. But they’re sweet and tender enough that you can shred and eat raw as a salad. Here I just quartered them, washed them, covered them with cling film and microwaved for three minutes.

7:30pm  Apple

9:45pm  Courgette and spinach soup with mozzarella + coffee + mandarin + banana


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