Days 335-341: Still very busy

Posted by Paola

Day 335: 5 Dec 2008

10:10am Chicken and sheep’s milk cheese salad sandwich + satsuma + tea
3:20pm Kale, peas and spinach and cheese with sweet chilli yoghurt + spiced biscuits + squash
6:30pm Vegetarian chilli with yoghurt and bread + tea + spiced biscuits
10pm Rice, carrots, seed and sultana cheese salad + tea + spiced biscuits

Day 336: 6 Dec 2008

10am Malted fruit loaf with low-fat spread + satsuma + tes
1:40pm Rye bread with cottage cheese, chicken and corn relish + fresh coffee
3:30pm Tesco Value tinned spaghetti + Thin Crisp + squash
6:50pm Vegetarian chilli with rice and yoghurt + apple
9:15pm Malted fruit loaf with low-fat spread + spiced biscuit + tea
10pm Prunes
1:10am Broccoli with red kidney beans in sweet chilli yoghurt + sweet spiced tea
1:40am Crackerbread with chocolate hazelnut spread

I gave the rest of the spiced biscuits to Marcus. I’d been eating them as they’d gone too hard for Frank.

That night, feeling my big legs, I felt that I wanted to be thinner. I was going to try to eat less as I’d rather have smaller legs than eat more than I need.

Day 337: 7 Dec 2008

2:20pm Cottage cheese salad sandwich + tea + prunes
4:50pm Crackerbread with cheese and Branston pickle (very hungry)
6:20pm (distracted by hunger) Vegetarian chilli with yoghurt + tea
10pm Spinach, kale and red kidney beans with sweet chilli Quark + tea
2am Crackerbread with Quark and tomatoes + tea + prunes

Day 338: 8 Dec 2008

Eek! No clean small plates left.

1:40pm Cottage cheese salad sandwich + tea
5;40pm Carrots with sweet chilli Quark + prunes + tea
8pm pumpkin soup
11:45pm Pumpkin soup with crackers + tea

Day 339: 9 Dec 2008

Fresh coffee
12:50pm Cheese and pickle salad sandwich + coffee + apple
3:40pm Pumpkin soup with mozzarella and Finn Crisp + prunes
7:40pm Tesco Value tinned spaghetti with cheese and Thin Crisp + squash
10:20pm Broccoli, spinach and cheese with sweet chilli sauce + prunes

Day 340: 10 Dec 2008

12:15pm Cottage cheese salad sandwich + tea
1pm Kinder chocolate snack bar (115 calories) + coffee
5:45pm Brussel sprouts and rice with feta in a creamy lemon dressing + tea
9:45pm Pasta with tomato sauce, cheese and yoghurt + squash + apple
11:45pm Prunes and figs + tea (would have preferred chocolate!)
3:50pm Pumpkin soup with Finn Crisp + tea

Day 341: 11 Dec 2008

12:30pm Banana + tea + poppy seed cake (made by my neighbour)
5:50pm Vegetable curry with rice and yoghurt + squash + apple
8:30pm Poppy seed cake + coffee
12:20am Crackerbread with tomatoes and feta + satsuma + tea + figs


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