Days 349-352: Still working hard

Posted by Paola

Day 349: 19 Dec 2008

1:10pm Ham and cheese salad sandwich + tea + apple
8pm Dinner at my neighbour’s: vegetable curry with nuts and rice + wine + liqueur + schnapps + ice cream with raspberries and blackberries + kiwi + white chocolate + coffee
Caramel rice cake
1:50am Cottage cheese and corn relish with oatcakes

Day 350: 20 Dec 2008

11:40am Cheese and onion salad sandwich + tea + caramel rice cake
2:40pm Tomato, carrot and bean soup with Finn Crisp + squash + apple + caramel rice cake
5:15pm Bran flakes with sultanas
6:10pm Green beans and kale with feta and sweet chilli yoghurt + tea
9:50pm Mushroom and cheese salad with seeds and sultanas

Day 351: 21 Dec 2008

11:30am Ham and feta salad sandwich + tea
3:30pm Brussel sprouts, mushrooms and feta in a lemony yoghurt dressing + apple
5pm Hot chocolate + prunes
6:50pm Tesco Value tinned spaghetti  with cheese and Baco Bits + Thin Crisp + tea
10:30pm Vegetarian curry with yoghurt + squash + prunes

Day 352: 22 Dec 2008

A binge day!

11:30am Ham and mozzarella salad sandwich + tea
4:30pm Brussel sprouts with mushrooms and mozzarella in a creamy lemon dressing with oatcakes + tea + apple
7:50pm Vegetarian curry with cheese and yoghurt + squash
8:15pm Neighbour-made mince pies + tea
10:50pm Carrots + Crackerbread with ham, cheese and pickle + mince pies
Later: hot chocolate + caramel rice cakes


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