Day 360: Frosty day

Posted by Paola

12;30pm Toasted cheese and onion salad sandwich + satsuma + tea

Afternoon drink: pint of fizzy squash

3pm Carrot, bean and tomato soup with cheese and Finn Crisp + apple

4:40pm Veg chilli with yoghurt and olive oil + satsuma

Tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, stock cube, red onion, a while head of garlic, beef-style pieces, mushrooms, dessicated coconut, carrot, sun-dried tomatoes and green beans. It ended up a bit wet from the water from the mushrooms. I added some gravy powder later.

6:50pm Bran flakes with sultanas + tea

7:30pm Crackerbreads with Quark and plum chutney

Evening drink: hot chocolate, but I’d rather have had something to eat.


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