Day 364: Fruit cream

Posted by Paola

12:40pm Cottage cheese and turkey salad sandwich + tea + mandarin

2:30pm Tesco Value tinned spaghetti with cheese and Finn Crisp + fresh coffee + apple

8:30pm Curry with rice + fruit juice drink + tea

A take-away at my mum’s house the evening before my brother flew back to America. When he suggested a take-away, I said I’d make a salad for myself instead. But then quickly changed my mind to have something. I picked plain rice for me and mum (as opposed to a naan, which I’d have preferred) and three veg side dishes – aubergine curry, mushroom curry and spinach and paneer.

I had brought the camera but forgot to photograph, such was my haste in eating.

12:30am Warmed apples and sultanas with Amarula fruit cream liqueur + tea


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