Day 365: Gorgonzola!

Posted by Paola

12:20pm Cottage cheese and turkey salad sandwich + tea

12:35pm Banana and custard yoghurt + tea

106 calories a pot. Not that tasty. I’d been getting the toffee ones for Frank – these and the cherry ones were on special offer.

5:30pm Gorgonzola and roasted vegetable panini + blackberry and apple crumble cake + tea @ Costa Coffee

This was the least calorific of the two veg paninis on offer, still at 416 calories. I haven’t had gorgonzola for ages – what an explosion of flavour. Gorgeous!

9:40pm Veg chilli with yoghurt + tea

10:20pm Cherry yoghurt with Jaffa Cakes

Finally, Frank took a photo of the midnight meal he made for himself.


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