Day 366: Hijack in progress

Posted by Paola

(Oops, I accidentally deleted the photos taken earlier today.)

Instead of my usual sandwich, being very cold here after midday, I quickly made a soup with tinned tomatoes, a can of Tesco Value sweet & sour sauce, carrots, cannellini beads, sweetcorn, onion and red pepper.

1:45pm Tomato and veg soup with cheese and Finn Crisp + tea + mandarin

A big bowl of it, leaving me unusually full.

3:25pm Tomato and veg soup with cheese and Finn Crisp

A smaller bowl this time. I wasn’t proper hungry but had a need to feel really full. I don’t understand it.

6:50pm Brussel sprouts with feta and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy lemon dressing + tea + apple

At this point, I think I would have had enough calories for the day.

9:30pm Cherry yoghurt + Jaffa Cakes + tea

Not even hungry. Am I on a diet or what?

11pm Mandarin + pint of fizzy squash

Not hungry. Just wanted something sweet.

11:30pm Tomato and veg soup with cheese and Finn Crisp

I’ve been taking (too-)big pieces of cheese and pushing them into the soup so that you can’t see how much I’ve taken.

So, I am not sure what’s going on.

I am okay with relaxing my diet now that I can wear decent clothes but I am not sure why I am willfully over-eating to the point of discomfort. (And what’s really weird with feeling really full is the irrational idea that eating more will make me feel better.)

Perhaps it’s the time of the month, or boredom or wanting to punish myself for some reason I haven’t fathomed yet. I do feel that I am frittering my spare time away rather than doing anything useful or interesting – something to be annoyed with myself about.


Anyway, I am thankful for the Food Confessional.


2 thoughts on “Day 366: Hijack in progress

  1. That is odd.

    Funny, cheese is what I’m most likely to nab from the kitchen, standing by the fridge, hoping no one catches me at it. I desire the creamy smoothness of it most every day. Maybe I should go on a cheese detox. :/

    Do you think it’s cheese, specifically, or would any calorie rich item that could be hidden within the dish do?

  2. Something magical happens when you add cheddar cheese to the processed flavour of tinned tomatoes.

    I originally discovered it when I added a handful of grated cheese to baked beans before heating them in the microwave. Creamy, deep yumminess.

    It also works with tinned spaghetti (as it’s the same fake tomato sauce). So, adding grated cheese to my tomato soups is just a way of conjuring up the flavours. :-)

    I’ve always loved cheese. Cheese and olive oil were always my downfalls. Having had a gorgonzola panini the other day, I’m now wondering if I can buy a cheese flavour to add to things. I don’t need the cheese – I just like the intense flavour of blue cheese.

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