Day 370: Sublime custard

Posted by Paola

3:15pm Toasted cheese and onion sandwich with veg soup + tea

I later had a banana – I noted “spicy soup, needed sweet – feeble excuse.”

Afternoon drink: pint of fizzy squash

7:30pm Veg chilli with kale and yoghurt + tea

The remaining few spoonfuls of my veg chilli with kale which I’d previously frozen to ‘cook’.

8:45pm Apple tart and Jaffa Cakes with custard

After helping to move a neighbour’s furniture into a van in the cold evening, I decided I’d have some of the custard I’d bought for Frank to go with his 6pm small apple pies from Tesco. I also wanted an almond finger but there were all gone and so I added two Jaffa Cakes instead. I warmed it all in the microwave and even sprinkled a little vanilla sugar.

The first mouthful was heaven. I can’t remember the last time I’d had a dessert like that and it was just sublimely creamy and sweet. Once finished, I wished it hadn’t ended and thought about how I’d taken the last of the pies but there was still a little custard left.

So I added it to another bowl with some prunes and two more Jaffa Cakes. It wasn’t nearly as nice as the first bowl. I should have stopped after the first one and savoured the memory rather than be greedy.


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