Day 371: Sticky risotto

Posted by Paola

Oops, I went to London  for lunch and chat with friends and intended to take food photos with my new mobile but the battery wasn’t charged.

2pm Ciabata roll with butter  + leek and cheese risotto + tea @ Mews of Mayfair

4pm Tea + ‘winter cake’ @ Selfridges

This was a slice of a spiced cake with icing. I left the best bit, the side of the cake with most of the icing. I also had a small piece of the others’ chocolate cheesecake.

After seeing my friends off at 5pm, I wandered down Oxford Street in the cold, and looking around some shops I’d never have considered before because they only do ‘normal’ sized clothes.

I tried to get a sandwich on the way home but no coffee shops had low-cal sandwiches and there were long queues at the eaterees at Warterloo. On the hour-long train journey home, I thought about buying some chips from the chippie next to the station to have with fried eggs but instead figured that a hot bowl of soup would be fine.

10pm Tomato and vegetable soup with toast + tea + banana


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