Day 372: Cream liqueur binge

Posted by Paola

2pm Quark and turkey salad sandwich + tomato and veg soup + tea + banana

The last of this batch of soup.

5pm Kale with chickpeas in sweet chilli yoghurt and Quark + pint of squash

7pm Thai green thing with rice + tea

I’d bought a tube of thai green curry paste and so used it with dessicated cocounut, aduki beans, beef-style pieces, red onion, sweetcorn, yoghurt and Quark. A bit dry but tasty.

I also made lots of basmati rice and froze most of it into individual portions.

8pm 4 x double fruit cream liqueur

Frank’s xmas liqueur is very moreish. I had a large measure with ice, followed by three more. I felt tiddly. Later on, I felt sick. The next day (this morning), I didn’t want to eat anything. I made myself sick on it at New Year’s too. I’ll be glad when the bottle is finished.

1am Toffee yoghurt

I wasn’t hungry – I saw Frank having one with chocolate-covered sandwich biscuits and it smelled so nice…


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