Day 373: Oops, too much

Posted by Paola

1:30pm Cottage cheese and turkey salad sandwich + tea + prunes

3:50pm Tomato, veg and bean soup with cheese and crackers + mandarin

A new batch of soup, my first made with frozen veg which (and I still haven’t figured out why) is cheaper than fresh veg.

2 x tinned tomatoes, a tin of Tesco Value sweet and sour sauce, red onion, chillis, sun-dried tomatoes, carrot and sueded (liquidised with the tomato), mixed veg (carrots, peas, green beans and sweetcorn), cannellini beans, a teaspoon of peanut butter, paprika, veg stock cube.

Thick and with a kick from the chilli.

5:40pm Bran flakes with sultanas + tea

The beginning of the day’s decline. Not really hungry but trying to sort out my insides (hence the sandwich onion and prunes earlier).

6pm Tomato and cheese snack + apple

But then eating made me hungry. Crackerbreads with sliced tomato and cheese with pickles.

I think that, I’d be close to my 1,200 calorie limit.

9:45pm Popcorn + pint of fizzy squash

With salt.

10pm Thai stew thing with rice + pint of fizzy squash

Again, eating made me hungry. I’d not realised how late it was. After reheating the food, I thought I should just put it in the fridge for tomorrow but decided not to waste it.



5 thoughts on “Day 373: Oops, too much

  1. Once the food is prepared, its already wasted. Whether it goes into your tummy or into the bin, its the same…. you must give up the Clean Plate Club!!

    Thats what I say to Dal everyday ;)

  2. I note in the last couple of months the Food Confessional is back what it was, it’s about you confessing what you ate. In the middle, when you were hardcore dieting, you weren’t having to confess necessarily, as pretty much everything was healthy. Now as you are slipping back into your (natural) old habits, you’re confessing again to eating more than you should, or things you feel you shouldn’t have.

    But, your general scheme of eating is pretty healthy, small bowls of stuff, several small meals a day, and you naturally know how much you can eat in order to continue losing weight. What I also think is that you are now naturally eating a little more than that, perhaps you’re naturally eating what your body needs, a weight maintenance sort of amount, possibly meaning that you’re not losing as quickly as before.

    I’m tempted to start confessing again, as I’ve slipped back into secretly eating too much, but I felt ashamed of confessing it, especially while you were setting such an amazing 1200 calorie counted example to us all, it felt a bit like a competition or something!

  3. I wish you would come back, for my sake as well as yours.

    That I can diet without checking my calorie intake at the end of the day is a big thing and so I would recommend a period of counting calories for anyone who wants to lose weight. There are some links to sites which’ll calculate calories for you if you tell it what you ate.

    I think that there is some competitiveness here but I think it’s helpful in this context.

    Except for more desserts, yes, I am still eating healthily but have slipped to big bowls. I’ve been looking for more smaller bowls on eBay.

    I know I’m not trying so hard with my diet as I’ve achieved most of my original goals and so the need to lose weight isn’t as strong.

    But, I would like to try to lose weight each week (even if just a pound) as I still have chunky legs and a fat belly. Come the summer, I don’t wanna be choosing clothes on the basis of whether I can hide my belly. :-)

  4. I purchased some Japanese dishes -t the bowl size is fantastically small. You can visit the oriental village in North London (just off the north circular road) they are pretty reasonable and you would love the size.

    @Simon – I would love your company in the confessional too.

  5. A new batch of soup, my first made with frozen veg which (and I still haven’t figured out why) is cheaper than fresh veg.

    Much cheaper to store/transport as you aren’t racing against time / spoilage, I would guess.

    I am going back to calorie counting – I did a couple of test days (counting without cutting back) and I’ve slipped back into high calories per day. Keeping it down to a maximum level takes more time but it also means I get back into the habit of looking at foods critically.

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