Day 377: Strict diet?

Posted by Paola

From today, I’ve stopped listing everything in my meals, just a summary that appears here.

1pm ham and cheese salad sandwich + nectarine + tea

4:30pm Tesco Value tinned spaghetti with cheese and Thin Crisps + tea + peach

If I ever opened a restaurant, tinned spaghetti with cheese and buttered toast would be on the menu.

5:45pm Crackerbreads with peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut spread and banana

I was satisfied after one but didn’t have the willpower to save the rest of later. I later realised I should have given the other two to Frank.

11:40pm Vegetable and bean soup with cheese + pint of squash + apple

After a nap. I wasn’t hungry but had just made Frank sweet chilli sausages with onions and mushrooms and was in the mood for food.

1:15am Vanilla and chocolate sprinkles yoghurt with a triple chocolate muffin

Frank had said these new yoghurt flavours weren’t that flavourful and so I pulled the top of the last remaining muffin to sex it up. It wasn’t that yummy to have been worth the 200-ish calories.

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